Precious items of worship from your beautiful Goddess.... tributes required....

So you want to get your hands on something special from your Goddess to worship huh? Well that is hardly a surprise now is it!!! Below you will see a list of the items/garments/media. These items can be earned once you have become my slave on a permanent or a trial basis.


*worship *humiliation * Mind control * Hypnosis

~ Goddess wonderful worship photos and photos sets sent to your email address, as well as autographed prints posted to you.
~ Goddess sexy, classy and addictive femdomme fetish videos, video clips and special requests ( special requests must pander to my fetishes obviously)
~ Live webcam session - Worship -humiliation- Taunt and tease- Orgasm control etc.


~ My precious time thorugh email , msn or text.
~ Msn chat and cam. Appear on cam for worship and humiliation realated tasks.
~ Msn cam to cam. You appear on cam to complete tasks or worship and get to Goddess on cam also.


~ Goddesses precious panties washed or worn.
~ Other well loved lingerie, such as nighties and sleep sets .
~ Goddess' worn socks, shoes, stockings and other foot wear.
~ Goddess' worn garments , such as skirts, tops, unifroms.
~ Clipping from my toe nails..
~ A lock of my beautiful, blond hair
~ Used hanky
~ Goddess' Used hair brush
~ Goddess' Used tooth brush
~ Goddess' bottled spit
~ Goddess dust (ped egg)
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