Tributes and gifts to your Goddess...

If you wish to have the HONOUR of serving me, you will send me the initial tribute expected of you. I am a financial dominatrix, if you can not afford to spoil me in the way I deserve, you will not be accepted as my pet / slave.

If you are a genuine paypig, money slave or subbie with a genuine urge to spoil, worship and obey, then , you will happily and willingly tribute Your Goddess to prove it. Real piggies and slaves understand that Goddess is much more worthy of that hard earned cash they will ever be. It is an honour to tribute and serve a Goddess of my beauty, youth and power. If you are genuine, you will have no issues with this initial tribute so put your money where your mouth is and get on with it. Time wasters will be easily spotted and ignored.

I am a financial dominatrix. I have years of experience. I only keep good little pets in my stable. All pets will send Goddess regular tribute.

if you are a genuine paypig, money slave, or person with a genuine urge to spoil, worship and obey, then you will have no issues with the initial tribute expected from you.

If you are lucky enough to be taken on as my slave, you will be expected to send regular tributes in return for my precious time and attention.

I have many fetishes and ways that you boys can please me, so make sure you read the pages apprpriate and learn all about what it means to serve THE GreedyGoddess princess Summer-Jane.

I have slaves, fans and followers from all over the world. If you are a fan or follower and wish to have the chance to spoil or tribute, you may use the links and info provided on this page.

Things the GreedyGoddess wants at present...... / Ways to please......

  • New DJ equipment - £1000
  • New upstairs TV - £450
  • New bike - £450
  • Hand made, luxury swinging sofa chair, for my garden - £3000 - see Amazon wishlist
  • Girly trip to country house mansion. - £1000
  • Holiday to the canary Islands. £3000 to £5000
  • Little boat to take out with my friends. Just a small one....for now! - £4000
  • Shopping spree, including my new wig. - £1000
  • Sister shopping spree with my sister, or better still, sisters! From £500 - to much more!
.... Not all subbies can afford the larger items, so go find something you can!.....

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