Worship my precious panties, nighties and other garments....

My panties and other lingerie are highly precious items to be respected, worshipped and adored. You can earn yourself a pair of my precious panties, night sets or other lingerie by sending a lingerie tribute. With this tribute I Will spoil myself with a new pair of panties to replace the ones I am sending to you to be worshipped.

An item as personal and precious such as the panties of your Goddess is an item you will surely treasure. If you would like the honour of having a pair of my panties for worship you can email me with a generous offer for a pair . I will reply. If you offer a pathetic amount, You will not be accepted as my new pantie slave. I cannot and will not replace my precious panties with a cheap pair from cheap nasty shops, so do not even think about bothering to do that as you will surely be ignored !


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