Welcome to my fetish Queendom!

I am THE GreedyGoddess Summer-Jane.
I am a financial dominatrix Queen with many femdomme fetish.
The question you should be asking yourself is, what are you going to do to please me?

I am a beautiful, confident, powerful young women and getting my own way is not something thats new to me!
I have been using and abusing boys like you for longer than you tiny mind can imagine!
I keep boys as pets. It would be your honour to serve me as my money slave, pantyslave or footslave.

I love making you boys sweat! There's nothing I couldn't make you do for me, Contact me and I will have you wrapped around my little finger in no time! I'm bossy and I'm greedy and here is your chance to give me what I want.

I have a love for expensive lingerie ,shoes and clothing and dinning, drinks and generally living the life of a spoilt Princess. I am now giving you the precious and desirable opportunity to spoil me in the way I both deserve and expect. Becoming a pay pig to a Goddess like me, will make your life worth while.

I am A true Goddess. I know how to get you right where I want you! I will use you and abuse you and have you on you knees, begging me for more!

I will take over your mind and your life bit by bit. You will find yourself thinking of me more and more! I will make your stomach flutter with butterflies each time you switch on your computer to see if I have responded to you. I will intoxicate you with my mouth watering worship media and have you deep under my spell. I will be the first thing you think of when you awkwn each day and the last thng you think of before you fall asleep.... .... and then yu will dream about me! There is no escape from my power and mind games and you will love every second of being wrapped around my beautiful, little finger!

So if you want to get into the pen, and become the pet of this a beautiful, cunning and highly addictive Goddess of greed, then I suggest you pay attention to my each and every word and follow my instructions on my web pages. Asking stupid questions, to which the answers are already provided is likely to get you off on the wrong hoof, so pay close attention piggies.


All slaves must send tributes if they wish to serve me. My time is precious and I am a financial dominatrix.... clues in the title bitch!!

  • Financial domination, wallets rapes (Real time and online)
  • Consensual, Financial blackmail
  • Orgasm control
  • Foot worship
  • Panty worship
  • Humiliation
  • Sissification
  • Forced sissification
  • verbal abuse
  • Your pain is my pleasure, games
  • Punishment and reward
  • Mind games
  • Hypnosis
  • Head fuck games
  • Intoxication
  • Spycam - long webcam sends to your Goddess to spy on you
  • webcam worships, humiliations - live interction
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